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Various Artists 'Drifts & Flurries'

(Second Language, 2021) Winter-themed compilation 

Paul appears as a member of Alter Later, covering 'Winter Kills' by Yazoo

Songs (c) Moyet, 1982

Amanda Butterworth (Mücha) - Vocals

Paul Tornbohm - Keyboards, Fretless Bass

Glen Johnson - All Other Sounds

Various Artists 'Avenues with Trees'

(Second Language, 2020) Themed compilation “Brussels, raining, 1983…” 

Paul appears solo and as a member of Alter Later

Songs (c) Tornbohm, Mashiki, O'Melia, Alba,  2020

Paul Tornbohm - Vocals, Keyboards, Fretless Bass, Electric Guitar

Yumi Mashiki - Synthesiser

Alison O'Melia - Clarinet

Glen Johnson - Archive Sound

Franck Alba - Viola, Trumpet

Paul Tornbohm 'Down an English Lane'

(CD Baby, 2017) Vintage-themed six track e.p.

All songs (c) Paul Tornbohm, 2017

Paul Tornbohm - Bass, Electric Guitar

Martin Wheatley - Guitar

Kate Arnold - Violin

Chris Morgan, Fraser Smith, Aidan Pearson - Clarinet, Flute & Recorder

Chris Storey - Trumpet

Dian Gasper, Peter Falconer  - Piano

Zach Bair - Double Bass

Dave Grant - Drums, Niall McCann - Marimba & Drums

Recorded by Mark McGlynn and Paul Tornbohm

Cathy Tornbohm 'August Afternoons'

(CD Baby, 2017) Summery vocal jazz 

All songs (c) Paul Tornbohm, 2017

Cathy Tornbohm - Vocals

Hannes Riepler - Guitar

Yaron Stavi - Bass

Sophie Alloway - Drums 

Fulvio Sigurta & Paul Jordanous - Trumpet 

Paul Tornbohm - Keyboards & Additional Guitar

Recorded at Kore Studios, Acton

Mixed by Adam Scrimshire, Wah Wah 45s 

Piano Magic 'Closure'

(Second Language, 2017) Stately final album concluding a 20-year music career  

Songs (c) Johnson, Steer, Alba, Tchernyan, Tornbohm 2017

Glen Johnson - Vocals, Guitar

Franck Alba - Guitar

Al Steer - Bass

Jerome Tchernyan - Drums 

Paul Tornbohm - Keyboards

Textile Ranch 'Bird Heart in Wool'

(Very Friendly, 2004) Experimental Electronica

Songs (c) Johnson, 2004

Glen Johnson - Keyboards & Electronics

Paul Tornbohm - Keyboards

Piano Magic 'Seasonally Affective: A Piano Magic Retrospective 1996-2000'

(Rocket Girl, 2001) Experimental Electronica & Post-Rock Collection

Songs (c) Johnson (& other writers), 2000 

Glen Johnson - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards and Electronics

Paul Tornbohm -Bass & Keyboards

Multiple other performers

(Rocket Girl, 2000) Post-Rock reflection on war and peace

All songs (c) Johnson, Cheeves, Marin, Tornbohm, 2000 

Glen Johnson - Vocals & Guitar

John Cheeves - Guitar

Paul Tornbohm -Bass & Keyboards

Miguel Marin - Drums

Recorded at Woodbine Studios, Leamington Spa

Produced by John A. Rivers

Piano Magic 'Artists' Rifles'

Piano Magic 'Mort Aux Vaches'

(Staalplaat, 1999) VPRO Radio Session

Songs (c) Johnson, Cheeves, Marin, Tornbohm, 1999 

Glen Johnson - Vocals & Guitar

John Cheeves - Guitar

Paul Tornbohm -Bass & Keyboards

Miguel Marin - Drums

Recorded at VPRO Radio 5, Amsterdam

Low/Piano Magic/Transient Waves 'Sleep at the Bottom'

Piano Magic 'Popular Mechanics'

(i/Ché, 1997) Debut album of experimental electronica

Sound by: 

Glen Johnson

David Griffiths

Dick Rance

Dominic Chennell

Martin Cooper

Paul Tornbohm

Hazel Burfitt

Rachel Leigh

Produced by Martin Cooper, Glen Johnson and Dominic Chennell

Piano Magic 'Wintersports/Cross-Country'

(i/Ché, 1997) 12" single of experimental electronica

Sound by: 

Glen Johnson

Dominic Chennell

Hazel Burfitt

Martin Cooper

Paul Tornbohm

Produced by Martin Cooper, Glen Johnson and Dominic Chennell

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