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Paul is a London-based songwriter and musician. As an original member of the now-dissolved electronic, ‘ghost-rock’ group, Piano Magic, Paul continues to collaborate with other ex-members under the name Alter Later. His own recorded compositions comprise the vintage-themed instrumental e.p., ‘Down an English Lane’ (CD Baby, 2017) and ‘August Afternoons’ (CD Baby, 2017), a jazz album sung by Paul’s sister, Cathy. 


Since 2017, Paul has composed songs and incidental music for over 15 shows with Spontaneous Productions, a theatre company in Sydenham. He currently teaches Music qualifications at an FE college in Croydon. Paul was committee chairperson of the Iroko Theatre Company for 5 years. He has an MMus (Distinction) in the Production of Popular Music from Kingston University. 






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