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Paul Tornbohm

Musician, Composer, Educator

Selected Releases

Nick Wilkinson Photography

Photograph by Nick Wilkinson (c) 2018


Various Artists

'Avenue with Trees'

(Second Language, 2020)

European-themed compilation featuring

Paul solo & as a member of Alter Later

Paul Tornbohm

'Down an English Lane' (CD Baby, 2017)

6 track vintage-style instrumental E.P. 

Various Artists

'Drifts & Flurries'

(Second Language, 2021)

Winter-themed compilation featuring

Paul as a member of Alter Later 

Cathy Tornbohm

'August Afternoons' (CD Baby, 2017)

Paul's songs performed by his sister, Cathy with a jazz quartet


Piano Magic

'Closure' (Second Language, 2017)

Final album closing a 20-year career

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